Col Bury Is Down Brit Grit Alley

Col Bury:

Cheers for the invite Paul. If my post encourages one person to persevere instead of quitting then job done. ;-)

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

DRUNK ON THE MOON AT COL BURY'S NEW GAFF.Col Bury is my latest guest columnist over at Out Of The Gutter Online’s Brit Grit Alley, where he talks about the long and winding road that led to his recent contract with Caffeine Nights Publishing.

Check it out!

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At Last! CAFFEINE NIGHTS will be publishing my crime novel…

Caffeine Nights logoRead more here

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Recommended Read: Noir City by Richard Godwin

Col Bury:

Godwin’s dark psychological fiction is some of the best around….

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

noir cityIn Noir City, Richard Godwin unflinchingly and masterfully digs beneath the surface of London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf, and the cities’ recalcitrant denizens, as he follows the trail of sociopathic gigolo Paris Tongue deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Beautiful prose and a claustrophobic sense of dread make Richard Godwin’s Noir City  a lyrical hybrid of noir,erotica,crime fiction and psychological drama worthy of Hitchcock or Argento.

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Short, Sharp Interview: Howard Linskey

Col Bury:

Proud to call Howard a mate and so chuffed for him on his Penguin deal…

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

PDB: Congratulations on the deal with Penguin. How did that come about?

HL: Thanks. I’d been working on a new book with some different characters and my agent, Phil Patterson at Marjacq, sent it out to publishers.

One of the first to read it was Emad Akhtar at Penguin Random House and, luckily for me, he really liked it. They completed the deal during the London Book Fair,which was very exciting, as Phil kept calling me from the stand there to update me and I could hear the buzz of the fair in the background. It took a little while to sink in though.
Like every author, I’d dreamed of a big publisher buying my books one day. I am obviously absolutely thrilled to be moving to Penguin. They are the most iconic name in publishing so I feel really honoured to be working with them.

PDB: How do…

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AJ Hayes Writing Contest at Noir @ the Bar L.A.

Col Bury:

A fitting tribute to the great, late Bill ‘AJ’ Hayes…

Originally posted on Ashedit:

The essence and style of AJ Hayes was very evident last night as crime writers and readers hoisted toasts at the bar, read excerpts of his work, and celebrated the winners of the first annual crime writing contest named after him. It was an event within an event, hosted by Noir at the Bar L.A. and held at the Mandrake Bar in Los Angeles. First, the Hat…

To the side of the stage, a battered chair sat with a brown fedora on the seat. This was the designated place of honor for AJ's hat.

To the side of the stage, a battered chair sat with a brown fedora on the seat. This was the designated place of honor for AJ’s hat. Just a few seats away, in the front row, sat Thury Hayes, AJ’s beautiful wife, anxiously waiting to hear the names of the winners.

Thury & Nestle

Eric Beetner(L) announced the talented recipients of cash prizes made possible by the excellent promotion and publicity of Steve Weddle and the Do Some Damage crew.

Angel Luis 
1st Place: Angel Luis Colon…

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Out Now! The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 11

Col Bury:

Honoured to be in great company for the third year running…

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

mammoth 11Edited by the legendary MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI and includes my Warsaw set noir yarn RED ESPERANTO. (If you enjoy that BTW, pick up A CASE OF NOIR to see what happens next!) This is my third time in a MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST BRITISH CRIME so a big thanks to MAXIM!

Here’s the blurb:

This superb annual anthology of the year’s most outstanding short crime fiction published in the UK is now well into its second decade. Jakubowski has succeeded, once again, in unearthing the best short crime stories of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish authors (along with a handful of US writers living in the UK, and some expatriate Brits). With this collection he showcases the impressive breadth of British crime writing, from cosy tales of detection to noir mayhem and psychological suspense and terror. There are puzzles to solve, nagging questions about the nature of…

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R I P Colin Graham

Col Bury:

A lovely tribute from Paul Brazill for an all round good guy and talented writer, Colin Graham… R.I.P.

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

Just yesterday, I found out by accident – via his Facebook page- that my friend Colin Graham had died suddenly. Tocolin g say it was a shock is an understatement. I knew Colin when I lived in Warsaw and a many a good drinking session and chinwags with him. At the time he was doing a lot of journalism, especially for New Warsaw Express, which became New Poland Express.

The last time time I saw him was about seven years ago when he visited me here in Bydgoszcz and we went to the speedway together, he was writing an article about the rivalry between Bydgoszcz and Torun speedway fans. We had regular contact after that via Skype, SMS and Facebook.The last contact I had with him was regarding the forthcoming charity anthology that I’m editing, Exiles – An Outsider Anthology.Colin had kindly donated a piece to this collection as…

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Guest Blog: Something outside the norm by Matt Hilton

Col Bury:

Prolific writer Matt Hilton on his exciting new book, inspired by the tragic loss of his daughter, Megan.

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:

Preternatural I’ve just self-published a novel to eBook called Preternatural . Nothing uncommon or unusual there, because it’s neither my first published book, nor my first self-published effort, except that it comes with a long story of more than eight years and a few ups and downs.

Back in 2005/2006 I was hard at work on a novel about a British vigilante who sets off to America in search of his wayward brother who has fallen into the sights of a serial killer.  It was called ‘Jubal’s Hollow’ and featured a character called Evan Hive and his sidekick, Rink. Some of you familiar with my work will recognise certain elements of that description, and you’d be right in assuming that a few years later it would be published under the title of ‘Dead Men’s Dust’ and the first Joe Hunter thriller to hit the stands. But here’s…

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Halloween Special – Heartbreaker by Chris Allinotte

Col Bury:

Halloween shorts, over at Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos…

Originally posted on THRILLS, KILLS 'n' CHAOS:


Melinda walks away again. She’s crying, again. Bile gnaws at my gut. The floor is saturated with her blood. It’s deep enough that it splashes a little under her feet.

In an amazing trick of the acoustics in here that I can hear each individual footstep despite the too-loud music coming through the walls. The neighbours are playing Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” on repeat, and it always skips just as the song gets to the climax. Over and over Pat sings “Fire Awe-weh-weh-weh-weh.” Eventually the song starts over.

As soon as the door closes behind Melinda, the phone rings. I let it. It’s George. It’s always George.

Without picking up I go into the kitchen and open the fridge. Maybe this time will be different. I wonder for the hundredth time how long I was away. There’s no way to tell except for the puff of…

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Crime writer, Paul D. Brazill, is in the booth with his latest books: Guns of Brixton & Gumshoe

Col Bury:

Brazill on top form as ever…

Originally posted on Ruth Jacobs:

Paul D Brazill 2

Can you tell me about your new book?

Well, I’ve got two out at the moment. Byker Books have published Guns Of Brixton as part of their Best Of British series. It’s a knockabout, foul-mouthed and violent gangster yarn.

Pulp Metal Fiction have just published Gumshoe, a blackly comic story of a middle aged divorcee living in a run-down English seaside town who decides to become a private eye.

What sparked the original idea?

For GOB – as I like to call it – I wanted to write a fun tale with a colourful cast of characters. Like an Ealing Comedy but with more swearing.

With Gumshoe it was the Stephen Frears film Gumshoe – about a bingo caller obsessed with Bogart – and Mike Hodges’ Pulp. Plus a big slice of Tony Hancock and Billy Liar. It may be grim up north but you can make the mundane magical.

What research, if…

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