Website newly constructed… by chance!

Hi all & welcome to my new crime fiction site.

Silly thing is, I only logged onto ‘’ to add a comment on a friend’s new site, and next minute I’m on my way constructing a bloody website! I just wanted to create a profile, but it led me inadvertently along, so I thought, ‘sod it, why not, eh?’

It’s quite limited content-wise at the moment, but once I have a play around (with the site, naughty!), I’ll add more short stories, from myself and fellow crime writers, plus some exclusive crime author interviews.  I’m sure other features will appear soon enough, once I find my feet… they were chopped off by a serial killer… but that’s another story… mu-ha-ha-haaah!

Anyway, have a nosey around and let me know what you think.




About Col Bury

Col Bury is the former crime editor of award winning ezine, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. Col's short stories can be found scattered around the net, and in anthologies, including, The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime 9, 10 & 11. He is the author of the eBooks, Manchester 6 and The Cops of Manchester. Col's debut crime novel, MY KIND OF JUSTICE was published by Caffeine Nights in 2015. He blogs, reviews and interviews crime authors at
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13 Responses to Website newly constructed… by chance!

  1. colbury says:

    Welcome, Col.
    Gee thanks, Col!

  2. Hey, Col the new website looks terrific – the business!

    And stop talking to yourself – it’s the first sign don’t you know…

    Best, Alan.

  3. Col Bury says:

    Cheers, Al – my very first guest (I think).

    For the record, my first comment was a test… honest 🙂

  4. Paul D Brazill says:

    OOh, la di dah!
    Looks smashing!

  5. David Barber says:

    When did all this happen? I didn’t have a clue. Looks great, buddy!!

  6. Lily Childs says:

    Tres posh, lean and clean. Looks great.

  7. colbury says:

    La di dah, indeed.

    I didn’t wanna bother you, what with yer new editorial role n that 😉

    Merci beaucoup, madame. Au revoir, pour maintenant… x

  8. seana says:

    Col, this is exactly how I got into all this. Led along the garden path. But your problem is our gain, so good luck with this!

  9. colbury says:

    Thanks, seana.
    So it wasn’t just me then? Glad it happened though – WordPress is pretty cool.

  10. Crikey Col, I am liking the new website A LOT. You have done a bloody cracking job me dear. The panorama pictures that you have included actually make the reader feel like they are somewhere tangible. Can’t wait to read the content!

  11. Col Bury says:

    Cheers, Annie.
    The pics of Manchester City city centre (from the Beetham Tower), and good old Blackpool (Blacky) hopefully give it the atmospheric feel I was after, me being a proper Northern lad! 😉

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