Ten short stories uploaded for your delectation…

…and that’s just for starters!

I’ve added a flash fiction tab above, where you’ll find four 200 word stories.  The short story tab has six longer shorts – if that’s possible 🙂 – all having been published either on webzines or in anthologies.  

There are plenty more where they came from, I promise.  Please feel free to comment and/or rate each story.  After all, it’s feedback that all writers crave… even if it’s negative, because that’s how we learn, right?

Catch you soon,



About Col Bury

Col Bury is the former crime editor of award winning ezine, Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. Col's short stories can be found scattered around the net, and in anthologies, including, The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime 9, 10 & 11. He is the author of the eBooks, Manchester 6 and The Cops of Manchester. Col's debut crime novel, MY KIND OF JUSTICE was published by Caffeine Nights in 2015. He blogs, reviews and interviews crime authors at http://colburysnewcrimefiction.blogspot.com/
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10 Responses to Ten short stories uploaded for your delectation…

  1. Nat Sobel says:

    I’ve read all the stories. My favorite 2 are “Broken” and “Game,Set n’ Match”. The writing of both is superior to the rest. But who are these writers?
    My least favorite are: “Oak Tree” and “Forum of Fury”. Both stories should have been edited down. They ran on too long. Near misses for me are: “Flyboy” and “Public Service”

  2. colbury says:

    Hi Nat,
    Interesting observations…
    I’ll take credit for the two you like, plus the two “near misses”. The two you least liked were, erm… also mine! These stories were all mine actually, and I take your point about those that needed cropping. They were penned at various stages of my development, as you’ve probably noticed. 🙂
    I will open another tab of “Guests’ short stories” very soon, so hopefully you can enjoy some of the work of my fellow scribes.

  3. Col, thanks to Lili Child, I found out about this site and it’s looks awesome. Going to take some time to look around and take it all in. Very impressive indeed. Just keeps getting better for you!

  4. colbury says:

    Cheers Sean,
    Smashing to have you over here, fella. You’re welcome anytime, bud. I was gonna open it up to all comers in a couple of days via my blog, etc, but just wanted to finish the decorating 🙂

  5. David Barber says:

    It’s looking great, buddy!! Just pimped your new place!! I’m polishing something up to send over to you…..and no, it’s not my knob! 🙂

  6. Col Bury says:

    Thanks, Dave.
    Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer your stories to your knob! 🙂

  7. Col, you have a knack for creating great web sites. This looks so different from the others. Each one interesting. A person could stay entertained for days between the three I have visited.

  8. Col Bury says:

    Aw thanks, Jeanette. That’s really nice of you to say ‘n’ makes the effort worthwhile. If I hadn’t gone over to comment on your site, then I doubt this site would’ve been born!

  9. John Walker says:

    I haven’t got time for decorating Col…
    I pay someone else to do that sort of thing. They are better at it than I ever will be anyhow!

    Nice site with a good feel. I am perusing at my leisure, and point taken about ezines.. . Never enough hours in the day. (Now there’s an idea for a story!)

    Cheers m’man.
    Jon Walker

  10. Col Bury says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for popping by, fella!


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