Dare to Dream by David Barber…

Creepy stuff from the editor of Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos…


Closing his book and switching off the bedside lamp, Brian Knowles shuffles down under the duvet. He turns and gently kisses his sleeping wife.

“I love you, Sonia,” he whispers, resting his head on the pillow.

He’s on the verge of sleep when his wife suddenly sits up. She lets out a frightened gasp and he reacts quickly, knocking his book off the bedside table as he fumbles to switch on the lamp.

“Sonia? What’s the matter?” he asks, gently rubbing her shoulder, careful not to cause alarm.

His wife just sits there staring at the curtains, her eyes unblinking.

She’s probably still asleep, Brian thinks.

He places his other hand on her shoulder and is about to gently lay her down when she speaks.

“You know that feeling when you wake up and think, ‘thank goodness it was only a dream’?”

“Err, well, kind of,” he says, knowing that…

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The Writing on the Wall by Col Bury…

Here’s one from THE COPS OF MANCHESTER for your delectation…


Sarah Brinkley was too timid for the Job and soon realised it wasn’t for her.  To be honest, deep down she had known all along.  She’d learned quickly that working Moss Side and Longsight certainly wasn’t for the faint-hearted.  Anyway, they’d frozen her pay, and upped the retirement age and her pension contributions, so there wasn’t much point in sticking around as she’d probably never get to see it.  And she certainly wouldn’t miss the goddamn paperwork, that’s for sure.

Mike was really understanding about her decision to quit the cops, and secretly relieved, she’d sensed.  He always used to back her up, even at the simplest of jobs, saying, those were the ones that could catch you out, when your guard was down.  The response sarge soon twigged and, due to lack of resources, Mike got a bollocking for unnecessarily tying himself up at her jobs.  Despite this, he’d…

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Great news! Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos reopening its doors…


To kick off the grand re-opening of the magazine, and as a mark of respect to Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers, I will be publishing stories from the editors of the original TKnC.

Up first will be best selling author and founder of Thrillers, Matt Hilton, followed by Col Bury, Lily Childs’ and (the one and only time I will do it) one from me. All stories were originally published as an Editors Special for TKnC 2 years ago.

I will then be publishing brand new stuff on a regular basis.

Please show your support and leave a comment or two. Words of encouragement/advice are what make us better writers.


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Let’s Do It…

Great news from David Barber, as ezine reopens its doors…


OK, I’ve thought long and hard and I’m now happy to get this machine going again.

The novel is coming along nicely and other projects are in the pipeline, both writing-wise and with the day job, so I’m in a good place. I’ve also been doing some ‘freelance’ proofreading/editing which has been keeping my eye in the game.

Therefore, THRILLS, KILLS ‘n’ CHAOS is opening its doors again.

Please, please, read the submissions page. Stick to those guidelines and you’ve got a great chance of me reading your story. Send me your best 1000 words and you’ve got an even better chance of being published.

Let’s do it…

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Submissions Are Now Open…

Writers… subs open at Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos.


Hi all,

It’s been a while, but it is with great pleasure that I announce Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos is now open for submissions.

Please fully read the SUBMISSIONS page and if your story falls within those parameters then send it over.

With HALLOWEEN fast approaching I would love to see some good old fashioned horror stories, too. Ghost stories, slashers, haunted houses, vampires, werewolves – you get the idea.

Write them, edit as best you can and send them to tkncsubs@gmail.com

Good luck,


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Here is my interview with Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton’s been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration to many writers and is a top bloke to boot (not literally). Ta for the mentions, mate.



Name Matt Hilton
Age 48 (in body) 21 (in mind)
Where are you from?
I was born in Scotland, but grew up and still live near Carlisle, Cumbria UK
A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc
I’m one of five brothers, the middle one, and one sister. I’m married and have recently enjoyed my 28th anniversary (my wife Denise told me to write that bit). I live in a small coastal village with Denise and our dog, Spooky, who is a rambunctious 10 months old Samoyed/white German Shepherd cross. I’ve a son Jordon, and we sadly lost our daughter Megan a few years ago. These days family is everything to me: I’ve learned the important things to me and now concentrate on them. I spent a large proportion of my adult life in the security industry and the police force, but have always been a writer…

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Here is my interview with Graham Smith

Reviewer-turned-writer and all-round good egg, Graham Smith on writing and his forthcoming debut novel, Snatched from Home…


Graham Smith 01 SMALL

Name – Graham Smith
Age – 42
Where are you from – Gretna Green
A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc – I’m married to Helen and we have a nine year-old son Daniel. My day job is General Manager of my parent’s hotel and wedding venue, The Mill Forge. http://www.themill.co.uk

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?
Earlier this year I managed to secure a publishing contract with Caffeine Nights Publishing for my debut novel, Snatched From Home will be released as a paperback and eBook on the 19th of March 2015

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?
I began writing around four years ago. After spending thirty plus years as a reader and a couple of years as a reviewer for http://www.crimesquad.com I felt that I was ready to try my hand at writing something myself.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself…

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Col Bury Is Down Brit Grit Alley

Cheers for the invite Paul. If my post encourages one person to persevere instead of quitting then job done. 😉

Paul D. Brazill

DRUNK ON THE MOON AT COL BURY'S NEW GAFF.Col Bury is my latest guest columnist over at Out Of The Gutter Online’s Brit Grit Alley, where he talks about the long and winding road that led to his recent contract with Caffeine Nights Publishing.

Check it out!

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At Last! CAFFEINE NIGHTS will be publishing my crime novel…

Caffeine Nights logoRead more here

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Recommended Read: Noir City by Richard Godwin

Godwin’s dark psychological fiction is some of the best around….

Paul D. Brazill

noir cityIn Noir City, Richard Godwin unflinchingly and masterfully digs beneath the surface of London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf, and the cities’ recalcitrant denizens, as he follows the trail of sociopathic gigolo Paris Tongue deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Beautiful prose and a claustrophobic sense of dread make Richard Godwin’s Noir City  a lyrical hybrid of noir,erotica,crime fiction and psychological drama worthy of Hitchcock or Argento.

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